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Who owns this site ?
Click here .

I cant see/use some elements of this site.
In order to get full funcionality of this site you must enable JAVA SCRIPT in your browsersettings.

When i click on a thumbnail nothing happens.
Our thumbnails also require JAVA SCRIPT . You can alternatively click on the textlink above a thumbnail to get to the full picture.

Whats a user gallery ?
Each photographer who has submitted 5 or more has his own picture gallery.Click on a photographers name or use the search to get to the desired gallery.

Is my emailadress spamprotected ?
Your email adress is not vsible for other readers. Its only used internally to lead on emails to you.

Why must i tell my emailadress ?
Because of legal issuses we must be able to contact the submitter.

How can i send feedback or make suggestions ?
Send us an Email oder click on " i Know something".

I know a lot more about this picture / place !
Great ! Just use the option described above to submit your material.

Where can i get my own daily site ?
Click HERE and tell us your ideas.

I want to submit a picture but i keep getting errors.
This should not happen,  please first check the size ect. of your photo or tell us if errors remain.

Can i submit more than one picture at a time ?
You can submit as many pictures a s you like.

What is Best-of  ?
For -Best of- you can not submit pictures, but you can go throug the archive and suggest a
photo for -best-of-.

What means - Discussions ?
This is a very useful thing and really took a while to implement. - Clicking on this link automaticly puts the picture shown into a forum where you can ask questions,give comments or discuss the picture with others. - You dont even have to search for where to put the new discussion.Everything is preset and all you have to to is getting registered in the forum .This is absulutely free, a registration is nessecary because of spaming issues.- If a discussion already exists the autosearch will show you each discussion going on about the picture.

I couldnt find the answer to my question !
Write us your question via Email , you sould get immediate response.Alternatively you can ask a question in the forum .


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