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Tulip from Gladbach,Germany, taken on 30.03.2014 with a Canon 550 D..

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The Daily Flower database is a collection of the most wonderful flower pictures from around the world submitted by people.Each day a different flower is shown to the public.Older pictures can be viewed from the archive.Anyone is invited to submit one or more pictures.You may submit pictures of flowers,bouquets,flower beds,blossoms of any kind,flower-arrangements or anything you find worth to become the flower of the day.- Spamprotection : Email-adresses are now protected against spam.

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2013 The Flower Picture of the Day.

Nature is such a wonderful thing.Nothing touches the eye more than the beauty of a flower,a nice flower bouquet or just a simple flower-bed in the neighbours garden. Roses,Tulips,Daisys,there a so many different shapes and colours that each blossom is so unique.
Flowers are the most beautiful creations of nature.A simple flower can touch our hearts more than thousand words.Each blossom is so different that it makes each photograph a special thing.Millions and millions of variations of bouquets can be arranged and give the photographer an endless field of material . Brilliant flower pictures are spread allover the internet and the main goal of this site is to collect the best pictures and keep them in a databank for many years.With submitting your picture you can become a part of this work.



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